Managed IT Services

Atlas Support is focused on IT infrastructure, reliability, and all aspects of IT support for our customers. Atlas Support provides its customers with a state-of-the-art monitoring program and a radical attention to customer service.  Atlas Support  Seismic is a managed IT service that has been developed with careful consideration and feedback from our customers.
It is proactive, cost effective and encompasses all aspects of IT management, monitoring and support.

Infrastructure and Network Cabling

Without appropriate care and planning, the infrastructure at your school can quickly become a labyrinth of cables, wires and other equipment. The result is a cluttered environment that can be distracting or even dangerous. Let the team at Atlas take care of all your infrastructure issues. We can provide  solutions that will remove the mess and give you a more reliable network overall.

Trying to figure out the technological infrastructure at your premises can lead to problems if you don’t know how everything works. We’ll help find structured solutions for your computers and your phone system, as well as professionally planned, installed and tested wiring.

The expert infrastructure technicians at Atlas can help with:

✔ Structured network cabling

✔ Wi-Fi installation and management

✔ Voice and data network installation

✔ Data rack and patch panel installation and termination

✔ VoIP and business phone systems

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking can provide a neat, cost-effective and readily scalable solution to network connectivity. The modern learning environment benefits greatly from the use of mobile devices which are usually dependent on a good wireless network signal.

Atlas offers a fully managed, low-cost solution that delivers exceptionally high quality wireless networking throughout the site ; no dead spots and no slow speed issues, guaranteed.

Audio-Visual Installation and Maintenance

We deal with AV equipment produced by all major manufacturers and brands. With a free onsite consultation, we can advise you on the best solution and identify any environmental complications before returning to install the equipment at a time that suits you and causes minimum disruption to teaching and learning.

Our on site visits include general AV Support, enabling the school to get the most out of their audio visual equipment.

Hardware Procurement

We can supply, maintain and install technology produced by all major manufacturers and brands HP, Dell, Sharp, SMART, Promethean, Epsom and Sahara. With flexible options such as leasing and service level agreements, we can help your school benefit from the latest technologies whilst adhering to your operational and budgetary constraints.

Strategic ICT Development

Whenever we start working with a school one of our first tasks is to fully assess their current IT infrastructure. This helps us fully understand how well their systems are matched with the processes that drive teaching and learning. We then create a high-level overview of the system and work closely with the leadership team to ensure that the school can benefit from technology solutions that will be most useful and cost-effective.

Let the experienced team at Atlas advise you on the best technology solutions based upon your school’s needs and budget. No ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions here; we only make recommendations and plans after we understand how you operate.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

Make the whole world your workplace! Allow Atlas to implement a bespoke secure, authenticated and auditable remote access solution.This will allow your school to control the extent of the network access available to each member of staff while physically away from the school site.

Website Development and Update

We provide new websites and support for existing websites, ensuring they are simple to navigate and administer. We can also provide tailored parental engagement apps to complement the school website.We provide a flexible, personalised service and can work on-site with you, saving time and making our services excellent value for money.

We have an array of website support packages available, including one to one training so that your school staff will have the skills to handle ongoing updates quickly and efficiently.

Email Management

Atlas can deliver, support and manage a number of email solutions including LGFL Staffmail, Office 365 and G Suite for Education.

Whether you are interested in getting set up, migrating to a new system or looking for more advanced email support, we have the right provision for you. Understanding the process inside and out, we’ve helped many of our customers with their email strategy, planning and migrations.

Asset Management

Atlas offers a complete range of products and services to control and manage assets and resources in schools. From sophisticated software tools through to complete asset data collection and auditing services, Atlas can make asset and resource management a simple and effective reality.

Cloudventry, our fully managed inventory solution covers every aspect of asset management including the labelling, assessment and collation of all IT assets.

Mobile Device Management

Our ground-breaking mobile device management service will take care of the management and security of your school-owned mobile devices as well as your BYOD (bring your own device) needs.

The solution provides both IT staff and teachers with the ability to ensure students are making the most out of their mobile devices in a secure and effective way. The IT staff gain unique tools to protect and manage their device inventory and remotely set the devices up. The teacher gains teaching time by simply using easy tools to remotely manage the devices during class.

Offsite Backup and Recovery

When people think of a disaster, they usually focus on the large events like fires, floods and earthquakes. The reality is that theft or misplaced equipment can be just as disastrous, because your business still suffers a massive data loss. Atlas can give your school the protection it needs from all manner of incidents.

Be prepared for anything. We are able to back up all your systems and ensure that you have an off site backup ready right away. We will manage all disaster recovery planning, data backup and recovery, remote off site storage, virtualisation of failed servers and anything else backup related.

Atlas offers Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that give you:

Constant access – to the files you need, including mission-critical ones, because they are stored on our data backups.

Performance – with a quick recovery process that ensures no delays in getting back to work. Complete server images can be restored to dissimilar hardware.

Protection – data is always secure and compliant with all regulations, since we are looking after it 24/7.

Sometimes it is the smallest incident that can be the most problematic. With Backup and Disaster Recovery from Atlas, you can rest easy knowing that if anything happens, you’re already prepared.

Hosted & Cloud Services

Atlas provides a number of solutions that harness computing power at remote locations to offer cost-saving and efficiency benefits for schools. Our cutting-edge Atlas Virtual Network is a great example of this, removing the need for local server infrastructure and greatly reducing the cost of client hardware. As well as these cost-saving measures it offers inbuilt fault-tolerance, security and data protection features.

Monitored 24x7x365. Atlas provides a vast array of solutions including servers, security, email, collaboration software, SPAM filtering, security, VoIP, backup and disaster recovery plans and many other hosted products.

Project Management

At Atlas we pride ourselves on the ability to plan, secure and deliver technology projects of all sizes. Our team will deal with every aspect of the project from initiation to completion including requirements gathering, project initiation, purchasing, delivery and training.

Project Management Consulting from Atlas promises you:

An individual plan – we will create an IT plan of action based on the needs of your school.

Knowledgeable advice and support – our team has vast experience in working with the latest technologies to create the most effective solutions.

Unmatched service – our friendly staff offer planning, procurement, implementation and ongoing management.

Don’t feel as if you must figure out your school’s IT requirements on your own. Atlas is here to help. We’ll take the time to get to know your school and implement the right solutions for you.